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Having a high resolution library as a recording artist is vital: It can discribe you as an individual or sell your most recent project with a stunning location and appropriate 'props'. Through the usage of different styles, lighting, color and point of focus, photography can convey an exact feel to the overall art direction. The challenge with Baltimore recording artis, AyeLove, was to deliver a series of photos for her debut. Each frame had to be trendy and capture the large population of first time listeners while maintaing the artist as the primary focus.


After communicating with AyeLove, a serious amount of time went into location scouting. Awhile processing her artistry, a number of sets had to be considered and stylists had to be contacted. All of which maybe worth the thought prior to any post production.


Involving grafitti in AyeLove's atmosphere gave the graphic designer enough to roll out additional creative elements to her EP's packaging. However, very little was required to communicate to her growing following.