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Chain Vector Brushes



Indeed, everything that glitters isn't #DFAA10 gold. (Dry Humor) I know. However, it would be a smart approach when illustrating a Miami Cuban Link. While developing charecters, I've realized using accessories such as over sized hats, sneakers and jewelry brings their attitudes to life, especially if the items a flowing in air as if the charecter dropped.


Often, I, use Adobe Illustrator to render illustrations. From that point, the digital composites are either imported in other programs for further production or completed as vector based graphics. At times, a tanginble element maybe neccessary to complete a project, yet, a full hand drawn picture may not be the solution. Here, I've created two chain links (as AI brushes) to incorparate with future charecter development.


Publishing these vectors support my brand image and reflect my relationships with current clients and their brands. My following on social media have been drawn to the lifestyle of a creative in an urban setting. Pictures of vibrant graffiti, well crafted jewelry, premium sneakers and high-end automobiles support the image, evoking the feeling of success.