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Chistopher Chaun

Web Development


I was approached by Mr Chaun, himself, to develop a website with the intentions of selling product and projecting the luxury lifestyle of his brand, Christopher Chaun. In previous years, the brand attempted to give such a luxurious image across various platforms. However, Mr Chaun expressed his frustrations and expectations to improve the overall user experience. The challenge this time was to create a responsive eCommerce hub to update his existing followers and brief potential consumers.


Implementing an easy to use backend system and polishing the front-end, the design of the site was intended to remain clean, minimal and self maintainable. A variety of high resolution photographs were installed within the new user friendly interface, ensuring an immersive and satisfying shopping experience.


The responsive, cross-device website helped to elevate sales and brand awareness. Chrsitopher Chaun continues to expand the brand and grow his following. Since the site's rehaul, the company offers even more of a contrasted range of products.