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Derrick Verley

Logo Design


Derrick 'DTatStar' Verley is an established tattoo artist with over 15 years of actual experience. His clientele ranges from well known 'A-list' celebrities to myself. Sometime throughout his career, he decided to re-brand himself by having a new logo and website created. My task was to just that, updating Derrick with a 'clean' modernised branding to his exsisting and potential clients.


A choice of selective elements presented in the new logo differentiates Derrick Verley amongst his core competitors. Reflecting the creative in a modern minimalistic style evoked the nature of Mr Verley's business savvy, his mature audience and his passion for the art culture. The new branding is being used across his website, social media outlets and his printed publications.


The logo is standing to the test of time and is flexible enough to translate across all types of media.