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iAmProps Tee

Silkscreen Design


In a competitive category filled with other talented artists and evolving trends, one of my ongoing challenges remains to build on my existing brand, culture and core values with merchandise and self promotional pieces. Appealing to new and existing customers, the Logo Tee had to guarantee 'Props' as relevant as their favorite artist.


Deciding on a logo was tough. I knew I wanted to use a common shape. Something everyone can relate to. The teddy bear, I feel, everyone is beyond familiar with because we've, all, had one. Choosing such of a shape evoked the feeling of trust and having it 'hand-drawn' made the logo even more personable. Everything was taken in consideration while engineering this specific tee. Although the garment color varied, only one ink was selected to be used throughout the entire printing process. Making this decision kept costs low.


Since the initial print, the Logo Tee has been a best seller and remains to have somewhat of a high demand. I tend to keep the runs low and market towards a younger crowd. However, people of all ages, genders, cultures and regions have embraced the smiling teddy bear.