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Lee x Dr Jays



While a major denim supplier made appropriate steps to rebrand and market their new line, I was appointed to roll out a citywide campaign to build both, the brand's presence as well as one of their vendors. The challenge was to produce several billboards using identical typeography and brand assets throught the layouts, creating a concurrent message throughout the various pieces.


With a loud and legible typeface; the campaign was supported by an array of fashion bloggers as models. This decesion made sense! To have products backed by a group of consumers already communicating with a large fan base is a 'Win-Win'. The feeling of trust aroused those within the five boroughs, enticing them to purchase Lee denim from their local Dr Jays outlets.


The creative campaign was plastered around the city, seen in various phone booth and bus stop kiosks. The strong images demanded attention from the city's population.