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Manhattan Motorcars

Video Editing


A friend of a friend worked sales in the city's most prestigious luxury car vendor, Manhattan Motorcars. Amongst the three of us, a discusion took place which granted me access to the entire showroom. At that point, my interest was to capture images of the fine machinary. The objective from there was to put together a few motion reels.


The collection of motion and still shots produced multiple video briefs. Low purs from high-end exhuast systems, fine stitching in the softest leather upholstery and light reflections off of polished emblems did more than illustrate the contour of these automobiles. The videos captured the urge to splurge on a mobile thrill or two. They created a yearning to bond between man and machine.


Each motion clip varied in time, transitions and car brand to communicate with potential buyers in a wide ranging in age. This particular video was rendered for my personal sensation. After generating the 'corparate' feel of things, I wanted to display such an energy parallel to today's music videos.