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Nike SC Trainer Vector



The original Nike Trainer was the first cross trainer sneaker created, ever. The sneaker came to us in 1987 and endorsed by hall of famer, Bo Jackson. However, the third rendition of the sneaker (the Nike SC Trainer 3) made it's appearance in 1990. It was then, Nike created the “Bo Knows” slogan and it became a pop culture phenomenon. I can recall advertisement with the Auburn alumni playing both, baseball and football. Because of it's return in recent months, I felt the urge to embody such history while reminissing on my first pair.


I often illustrate, spending years honing the craft, my specific style and various techniques. Thes composites, however, required skills I've acquired while creating CAD in the fashion industry.


One of these composites were published through my social media outlets resulting in heavier traffic from other sneaker enthusiests!