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Nike Shake NDSTRUKT Vector



Tangible design is still important in creative work. It connects and engages with customers. I have no 'set' style, believing that each project is unique. As a designer, I understand the subtleties of stylistic qualities. Sneakers are physical objects with somewhat that tangible feeling expressing a personale flare in each outfit. The original Nike Shake NDSTRUKT (The Worm) was released in 1996, endorsed by Dennis Rodman and one of my all time favorites. I haven't seen the Magnum Opus since and it needed a ressurection.


Creating the vector started a series of sneaker illustrations then randomly posted on Instagram and Behance. Both outlets created a buzz amongst other sneaker enthusiest.


I've become a resource of trendy posts, communicating to specific sub-cultures. Sneaker collectors being one of the sub-cultures with rapidly growing population, illustrating retro favorites seperated myself from the new eyes on the scene. All and all, I've gained the respect as an artist and noteriety as a sneakerhead, furthering my personal image/ branding.