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Journeys Microsite


Pastry, the women's sub-division of Run Athletics, started selling at Journey's stores across the nation as well as the Journey's online platform. Part of the online sales on the Journey's site dependended on the brand's presence amongst leading competitors. The reatailer and brand agreed to dedicate specific space on Journey's online stotre to generate brand awareness. I've been appointed, again, to development the brand's microsite to cross brand.


Reflecting the most recent campaign, specific texures and 'props' generated an interactive experience, allowing Pastry to communicate with their core audience and attract the attention of new shoppers. Pastry used their social media channels to promote the installed movie player and exclusive picture gallery, giving their user insentive to create site traffic on Journey's.


In addition to in-store appearances by ambassadors, the retailer and Pastry continued to keep steady sales. Collectively, the brand's followers particapated in several contests, purchases and meet and greets, making the campaign fully interactive.