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Random Fliers



A well executed flier can capture an audience at first glance. It should give the viewer a bit of anxioty. Typography, photo maniputions, 3Dimensional renders and textures, all play their party when used. These bold statements are usually printed and distributed by the masses to promote events and porducts. Because the cost of printing is extremely low and turnaround is within 24 hours, every brand uses this medium to express current messages. The challenge is always to deliver a pair of deep saturated, sticky pixel, eye catching imagery to stand out from a competitors attempting the same.


I've generated a library of ready-to-go Photoshop files, within the years. These files consist of numerous pieces ranging from mixtape covers to fliers. The urge to create a quick random piece tends to come as often as I update my font library. I'm not always granted time to finish everything, so they collect dust and may never get published.


I may entertain my followers by giving them cropped portions of unpublised work and adding appropriate hashtags. With ongoing events, nightlife and commercial messages to be relayed, fliers will always be important in several industries. Trendig, currently, is posting square renditions of the generated artwork, making the post acceptable to Instagram's platform.