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Rebel Circus



In recent months, a drop-ship website was formed amongst a group of friends. Rebel Circus. The site details pinup, punk rock, alternative, tattoo clothing and accessories. With a growing relationship, I was appointed to brand the operating assembly with eMail promotions, web banners, promotional assets for the use of 3rd parties and various elements of the online boutique.


A strong list of subscribers and a strict schedule of ongoing sales kept the interest of shoppers. All promotions were communicated through emails directly to targeted audiences with the use of the organized list. At times, the promotions were influenced on specific brands, creating an awareness of both, brand and Rebel Circus, the vendor.


Rebel Circus has restructured their business structure but hasn't restricted their outreach with their email list. The brand seems to be growing their number of followers by recycling content on social media and offering competitive pricing.