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Mixtape Cover


Packaging is the quickest and most immediate way you can engage a customer – it’s advertising on-shelf! Alabama based rapper, Succeed, saw this challenge and wanted to impress his potential customer on the spot to pursue their decision in showing intrest in his current project.


My experience in packaging is broad; from bottled hair products and shoe boxes to CD covers and liquor bottles. I've worked with many brands over the years from FMCG branded packaging to specialist niche packaging, creating solutions with papers, plastics, card and shrink-wraps – so I'm experienced and understand what works and what doesn’t.


Having created dozens of successful mixtape covers for a broad client base in differing regions, results in me having a real understanding of the music industry. I'm often hired to roll out fully integrated campaigns, promoting an artist or project with print and online resources. My understanding of the consumer, their expectations and their environment creates real ‘sales’.