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Think Before You Ink

Event Marketing


Think Before You Ink (TBYI) is a Queens based tattoo shop, at the time, was interested in furthering brand awareness as a collective group and individually, promoting their younger artists. By doing so, these artists can build a client list based off of generating portfolios via social media and returning clients. I was appointed to create such a buzz as their marketing consultant.


Every Friday the 13th, tattoo shops around the nation celebrate the day of supersition by applying small tattoos on everyone interested in rembering the day for 13 dollars (plus tip). At TBYI, we proove there's nothing superstious about having a live DJ, drinks and extended hours for the crowd socializing while waiting their mark on history. We call it Flash Friday. The day supplies both parties, tattooer and tattoed a demand.


Flash Friday occurs every Friday the 13th. It's an overall meet and greet with artists activly providing smaller tattoos for low prices and accepting appointments for clients planning on bigger commitments. I, honestly, recommend you get there early. The event has created traffic four times as much as normal weekends.